Law Enforcement Trainer

Less Than Lethal Force
Mr. O’Brien offers the following seminars and courses:

SEMINAR (One Day - 8 Hours)

• Confrontational Dynamics: The Physical, Psychological and Practical Aspects of Confrontation.

• Ethics and the Use of Force: Reasonableness and fairness in the application of legal force during the execution of an arrest.

• Managing Fear & Anxiety: Confronting and controlling our “Fight or Flight Response”.

• Executing the Arrest: Simplifying and making the task safer and more efficient.


• Advanced Defensive Tactics: Developing the physical, psychological and ethical skills necessary. (Three-Day - 24 Hour Course)

The uniqueness of the instruction offered through the “Less Than Lethal Force” program has its roots in the intense devotion and study that Mr. O’Brien has applied to his life’s work. He received a B.A. degree in Science Education from the State University of New York in 1967, and was an Instructor in the Education Department at SUNY Cortland at the time of his appointment as a Special Agent of the FBI in 1970.

During his career as an FBI Special Agent, Mr. O’Brien led, was involved in, and managed investigations of Kidnappings, Extortions, Espionage, Bank Robberies and the Fugitive Felon Act, among others. He has been personally responsible for the arrest of hundreds of fugitive felons and the conviction of many bank robbers and perpetrators of other federal crimes.

During his career with the FBI, Mr. O’Brien received numerous personal commendations from the Director of the FBI and has been commended time and again by local and state law enforcement agencies throughout the United States for his work with police officers as both an investigator and instructor.

Mr. O’Brien has been responsible for the training of thousands of law enforcement officers and was instrumental in the development of many of the FBI’s current arrest and handcuffing procedures. During his career, he was recognized as one of the FBI’s preeminent Arrest & Control/Defensive Tactics Instructors.

Augmenting Mr. O’Brien’s police instructional skills are more than fifty years of training in the discipline of Karate. For the past forty-three years he has been under the direct tutelage of world renowned Shorin-Ryu Master Tadashi Yamashita. Mr. O’Brien currently holds the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt in Kobayashi Shorin-Ryu Karate, and has been a Black Belt Instructor for Master Yamashita since 1976. In 1993, he was awarded the “Golden Masters Instructor’s Award” by Master Yamashita, for his skill and dedication to teaching the martial arts “at the highest mental, physical and spiritual levels.”
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